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Portraits - pastel, colored pencils, graphite

As a portraitist, Flavie Leh offers you the realization of human or animal portraits.

Different formats and techniques are possible, ranging from small intimate portraits to imposing paintings. The composition can also vary, from a simple portrait of a person to the full-length representation of a group.

Animals are not forgotten, a portrait of a pet is a precious memory that you never tire of.

Different renderings are possible: black and white with graphite pencil or color with colored pencils or pastels... but it is also possible to mix techniques using graphite and colored pencils, and even, for a rendering original and precious, add gold leaf (see in the gallery below the graphite and gold leaf portrait on wood for example).



Procedure for ordering a human or animal portrait:

For the realization of the portraits, it is important, as far as possible, to provide quality photos (of good resolution, where one can clearly see details by enlarging the image) which allows the portrait artist to capture the likeness and personality of the subject represented. 

However, it is not always possible to have good photos (old photos for example). In this case, the artist, without being able to work miracles, will adapt to the images that you can provide.

Do not hesitate to provide several photos of the person or animal to represent, Flavie Leh will be able to select with you the one that seems most appropriate to the project.

It is also possible to group several people or animals on the same drawing by using several reference photos.

1) Contact Flavie Leh via the contact form on the site, by email contact [at] or by telephone on 06 40 20 35 06 so that she can study the project with you and direct you to the most appropriate project ( photos, format, medium, etc.). You can get an overview of the different prices by looking at the articles of the category Portraits to order in the shop .

2) Following this initial consultation, Flavie Leh will offer you an estimate based on your requests and your criteria (budget, number of people to represent, medium, etc.).

3) You can then validate your order on the shop by indicating the number received on your estimate. If you wish to pay in installments, please specify this in advance.

Completion time :

The realization of a portrait requires a certain time.

In general, count between two to four weeks between the validation of the order and the sending of this one or the reception at the workshop. The time may be extended if the work to be done is more substantial or at certain times of the year.

If you need your order for a specific date, please inform Flavie Leh during the first discussions, she will tell you about the feasibility of the project.

If the project requires validation on your part (composition of the drawing for example), the portrait artist will send you preliminary sketches by email which you will have to validate before she can continue the work.

The portraits are delivered unframed.

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