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Biography and artistic approach of  Flavie Leh

Flavie Leh | Artiste plasticienne | France
Flavie Leh | Artiste peintre | France

Flavie Leh was born in 1979 in Alsace.

From 1987 to 1994, she was educated in a school with Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy where art and manual work hold a large place.

From 1995 to 1999, she trained at the Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins in Paris, specializing in haute-liss, and obtained a diploma in weaving artist with honors.

Life then led her down other paths, including that of parenthood .

She returned to her passion for art in 2017, taking up her pencils and brushes to live off her work as an artist, and opened a studio a year later in Chardogne, a small village in the Meuse.

She continues to train in various techniques   and also gives lessons in her studio.

"Life and colors, between tradition and modernity."

Visual artist, Flavie Leh practices many artistic techniques.

She produces abstract and figurative oil paintings , sometimes mixing other materials such as gold and silver.

Passionate about medieval art, she reproduces and creates illuminations using ancient and modern techniques.

As a portraitist , she creates custom portraits in graphite pencil, colored pencils, pastel or by mixing various techniques, and working on different supports (paper, wood...).

Her naturalistic illustrations , also produced on various supports and with various techniques, pay homage to the nature in which she likes to recharge her batteries and invites the viewer to become aware of its fragility and to preserve its beauty.

The visual artist captures the spirit of places, people and objects with finesse in her travel diaries , each detail is a source of inspiration for her.

Humans and nature, in their great diversity, give him material to meditate on and create.


With a predilection for the living, the soul of things, his great sensitivity allows him to bring out emotions, life and beauty in his art.

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