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Flavie Leh
visual artist

Welcome to the website of visual artist Flavie Leh.

She invites you to discover her universe where drawing, painting and illumination mainly mix and where the figurative and the love of detail sometimes gives way to abstraction and minimalism to reveal the richness of her inner world.


Custom human and animal portraits

Immortalize those you love by having a portrait made in graphite pencil, colored pencils or pastel and sometimes even with a touch of gold


Travel diaries

Travel and discover through the eye of the artist places, scenes of life, heritage elements, near or far

avec cadre Tableau rouge mur Flavie 7307 perspéctive retourné recadré (2).JPG

Oil painting

Immerse yourself in the heart of a classic painting technique revisited and sometimes mixing other materials such as gold and silver, in abstract compositions full of emotion

Cours du 12.09.2020.jpg

Courses, workshops and internships

Learn or improve your skills in different artistic techniques

P1000925 (2).JPG


Take a trip back in time and discover how the illuminated artist perpetuates old techniques and sometimes takes liberties by choosing today's subjects, techniques or materials.



Here you will find the artist's original works for sale as well as reproductions and cards

Mésange bleue.jpeg

Naturalistic illustrations and drawings

Marvel at the beauty of the nature that surrounds you through the finesse and delicacy   of the artist's line


Sortie croquis
le dimanche 9 juillet 2023 de 10h à 17h
Bar-le-Duc ou environs 

Sortie croquis en extérieur.JPG
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