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From illumination to abstraction

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"Life and colors, between tradition and modernity."

Inspired by the living, Flavie LEH's work as a visual artist is intimately linked to the articulation between the mastery of contemporary and ancient techniques, in which she was trained at the Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins. She enjoys naturalistic illustration, portraiture or illuminated painting, in particular in the continuity of medieval techniques.

The series "From illumination to abstraction..." constitutes a graphic experiment in which she pushes this alliance between tradition and modernity to its apogee. Inspired by her practice of illumination but taking the opposite view of its traditional use, her monochrome and untitled canvases challenge and encourage us to contemplate beyond: how light catches gold leaf and color, how the two respond to each other in a constantly renewed dialogue, how they plunge the viewer into a peaceful and delicate atmosphere in which rests, serene, "the soul of things".

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